Hey! Check me out — I’m almost blogging in real time! This can mainly be attributed to poor little Penelope Lane who is still recovering from her spay surgery and not allowed to go to the beach or do anything fun, really.

On Sunday, the hubs and I loaded the girls into the car and headed to Nob Hill to hit up Bob’s Donuts. See, donuts are our growing Sunday tradition. It really would be much more often than just Sunday, but we do try to keep health (and our waistlines) in mind and limit them to one day a week.

^^Wearing One Teaspoon denim cutoffs, Cuyana tote, Splendid scarf^^


^^It took tons of self control, but we passed on the giant donut and the apple fritters.^^

^^From top to bottom: custard-stuffed maple glazed; glazed and maple glazed buttermilk; chocolate old-fashioned^^

When I asked the lady at the register which donuts to order, she said, “Definitely the apple fritters.” But we aren’t really apple fritters type of donut people. So next best choice, she said, are the buttermilk donuts. We added an old-fashioned (B’s fave) and a custard-filled one (too tempting) to the mix and ate the four donuts as breakfast — and lunch (oops).

Verdict: the buttermilk really do live up to the hype. They are crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and taste fresh — none of that burned oil taste nonsense. The custard-filled donut was also very good, but the old-fashioned was disappointing. In fairness, it was the last one so it may have been past its prime.

Ever see those donut cakes at kids’ birthdays or as the groom’s cake at a wedding? I’m tempted to do one for a friend’s birthday dinner we are hosting next week with donuts from Bob’s. Good idea or bad?

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