A few weeks ago, my girlfriend Nadeen and I were craving some full blown, girly time. Married to guys in the tech/startup world, our social lives seem to trend toward bro-ing down. So we decided to indulge our softer sides and teamed up to throw a dainty tea party full of tiny sandwiches, madeleine cookies, and a gorgeous lemon tart (made by the ever impressive Nadeen).

We asked our lady friends to dress in their tea party best and to bring their favorite flowers to make our very own flower crowns (inspired by Flower Girl Los Angeles). We drank Mariage Frères tea out of vintage cups and gabbed about arranging flowers and life with babies (thanks to our resident expert Allison). The afternoon passed all too quickly — so we’ll just have to do another very soon.


^^The delectable bites^^


^^I was as excited to use my new vintage tea cups as I was to use my new Juliska dessert plates.^^



^^The desserts and a glimpse of my wedding China.^^


^^The crowns were a little tricky to make but everyone succeeded in making at least one (Nadeen made two!).^^



^^Layla looking beautiful in my crown and Penelope posing with the leftover flowers made into arrangements. And yes, she definitely took credit for the arranging.^^

It really does feel nice to tap into that feminine energy and own it. Just as much as guys need their time to drink beer and watch football (or play video games), we gals need to sit and gab and drink tea and play with flowers. So rustle up some sandwiches and bake up some cakes and pour a pot of tea — it’s as simple as that.

2 thoughts on “DIY TEA PARTY

  1. What a perfect tea party! Beautiful table, delicious food, and gorgeous flowers…I wish we could do this every week 🙂

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