There’s one winery in Napa Valley that we’re always first to suggest for visiting friends. It’s Jarvis, and we were turned onto its wines through my father, a budding oenophile ever since my brother and I left the nest. It’s a little off the beaten path and reservations are definitely necessary (tastings are $60/person; free for members) but the cave in which it does its production is a beauty and the wines are truly exquisite. If your tasting doesn’t include a William’s Science Project, be sure to take a bottle home. It’s one of our most favorite wines — ever.


^^The tasting room with its Baroque-style chairs is a sumptuous setting for tasting the complex vinos. Tastings are limited to eight per group.^^


^^Our friend Marcel was visiting from the UK, and our other friends Adam and Nadeen rounded out our merry wine tasting party of 5. Note for those who don’t drink: you’ll still be poured the wines (to smell) and charged the full tasting amount.^^


^^And, of course, no Napa post is complete without some shots of the girls. Jarvis isn’t a dog-friendly winery but there is shade in the parking grove for the pups to hang in the car while the humans are inside to taste.

On this particular trip, we found a nice spot for a car picnic and a little frisbee tossing. We made the mistake of giving Penelope her bully stick before getting her to run around so she missed out on her exercise for the day.^^

Based on recent posts, it may look like we basically live in Napa — but it’s really just the only times we’ve remembered to take out the camera and shoot some photos. Life has been incredibly busy with work for the both of us — combined with major home decor projects for an upcoming story in one of my favorite pubs. I think the longer daylight hours ahead will get us back on the blogging wagon with more up-to-date life happenings. Until then, I hope you’ll put Jarvis on your next Napa itinerary.

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