A highlight from our weekend getaway was hiking the Pine Ridge Trail in Big Sur. It’s a dog-friendly one and meanders through giant redwoods, eventually ending at the Sykes Hot Springs. We only made it in a couple of miles, but maybe next time we’ll try the full 20 mile loop.

It was Penelope’s first time on a hike. She made us nervous by dancing alongside the edges with steep drops to her side. She can be so naive. The first couple hours on the trail are a climb so it’s best to give it a try in earlier part of the day. There are many redwood beauties but there are also long stretches without shade. And remember to pay the $5/day parking in the lot before your journey. Happy trails and tails.

^^I’m wearing a Brandy Melville tank, Pilot Athletic tights, and Cuyana tote.^^
^^The girls totally crashed hard once we loaded them back into the car after the hike. They’re such city pups—just like their mama (and their poppa).^^

2 thoughts on “BIG SUR REDWOODS

  1. Looks most enjoyable. The way you worried about Penelope getting too close to the edge was the way I felt about Brendan when he was young!

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