While we were in Big Sur, we checked out Pfeiffer Beach, one of the only dog-friendly beaches (on leash) in the area. It was tricky to find. The turn off looks like a private road and it’s a super sharp right coming from the north. Then it’s basically a one-lane road for two miles before the state park entrance. $5 at the gate will get you into the small parking area. On this sunny Sunday, the lot filled up before it was noon.

The beach felt a lot like Cannon Beach in Oregon — but a fraction of the size. The views were stunning and the small creek was a fun chance for the girls to splish splash around. But next time, we’ll choose a non-weekend to visit to enjoy the beach in a less hectic state.
^^After an hour at the beach, we hit the road again to head south to the iconic waterfall. Along the way, Brendan kept saying we should pull over at a turnout to take in the views. And right as we pulled over, we both spotted some water spray out in the ocean. We scrambled out of the car to investigate. And sure enough, there were a couple whales migrating north with their babies. They didn’t breach while we watched, but it was neat to see them spray and play.^^
^^There was another pod near the whales that we thought were dolphins. But it’s hard to tell if they were dolphins or more baby whales.^^
^^And just a little closer into shore was this big pack of seals.^^
^^I’m wearing a Brandy Melville tank, Pilot Athletic tights, Sabre sunnies, and Peter Pilotto for Target slip ons.^^
^^And the waterfall that I’ve wanted to see since we moved up north. A little underwhelming after seeing the big falls at Kauai this past November following one of the biggest storms in recent history. But it was still a stunner. There wasn’t a clear path down to the beach. I wonder if there’s a way to paddleboard onto the sand from around the corner. I’d sure like to stand under that fall one of these days.^^

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