Another sunset at the Venice Breakwater with too much wind and too many people. But I still ended the session with a few good ones and a smile on my face. That seems to be the way it goes when I stand on the sand, feeling unsure about going in at all. But the prospect of sitting in LA traffic at prime rush hour is usually enough to get me into a wetsuit and into the water.

Brendan snapped these photos after walking the girls along the boardwalk. Neither of them like the hustle and the bustle of this quirky stretch of skateboarders, body builders, hippies, and street vendors. It makes me feel blessed and spoiled that our local beaches around SF are calmer on the sand (maybe not so much in the water). It almost makes up for the colder water temps.

We spent Memorial Weekend exploring the coastline from Pacifica to Pescadero. There was a sneak swell on Sunday that had the Hawaii boys out at Mavericks (it’s too bad we checked it on Saturday, a day early). But now that there’s a little more sunshine, I think I’ll take up surfing again in these parts of California. I only have so long until the fog rolls in and SF summer is really here.

All photos by Brendan Cooney


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